Feeding Habits

Use page 2 of your ESRP Guide! 

Feeding Habits: 

Describe what types of food (diet) your species consumes and how they get it.  

Is your species an herbivore, carnivore, or omnivore?  

Explain if your species is a primary, secondary, or tertiary consumer? 

Provide images (2-3) of your species foraging, hunting, or eating if possible.  Include captions and list the source of images used at the bottom of the page.

Include  a caption for every image that you use. Put your caption in italics!


Explain the niche (role) your species fills in its ecosystem and how its niche affects other species.  

Food Web: 

Use Google Draw to make a digital version of your food web from page 2 of the ESRP Guide. Be sure your arrows are correct. Be sure to put your name on your food web. Extra Credit: Add images for all species on your food web. Big extra credit if you make digital drawings of all your species.

Information and Media Sources:
Adding the sources is part of your points. It is a required part of this page!
List the titles of websites where you found information AND where any media is linked from.  This goes at the bottom of every page. Extra credit is awarded if your sources are hyperlinked.